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Our mission is to help office workers, commercial drivers, and transit safety workers experience
real back pain relief, and better overall posture.

The “Back” Story

After enduring two back surgeries and countless long commutes, our founder Scott Ellis created the GetABack™ to help people experience real back pain relief, and better posture overall.

During my 40’s, I developed five degenerative discs and received six epidural injections of steroids into my spine for the worst offenders. I also did a fair amount of physical therapy. But by the time I turned 50, the disc at L4/L5 had collapsed and I had severe pain from bone on bone vertebral grinding which kept me mostly immobile and on my back for about 18 months.

In 2013, I had successful experimental surgery in a clinical trial using intervertebral nerve ablation. Basically, they drilled holes into both the L4 and L5 vertebrae and fried the nerves inside so I wouldn’t feel the pain. I was jubilant. Unfortunately, three weeks later I was hit by a driver who ran a red light. I then had a severely herniated disc at L2/L3, more pain, atrophying leg muscles, and a totaled car. After a failed root block, I soon found myself again on the operating table, this time for a microdiscectomy.

The surgeries saved my mobility and gave me tremendous relief from the traumatic pain. But I have very little room for the nerve roots to traverse without getting pinched. If I have less than optimal support when sitting or laying down, use poor posture or bad body mechanics, they get pinched… even though I’m very good about working out and staying lean. So I’m not kidding, I know your pain.

I invented the GetABack™ customizable spinal support for chairs and car seats out of desperation after having two back surgeries in 2013. Shortly after the surgeries, I found myself having to drive from San Diego, CA to Phoenix, AZ and back, once a month for about a year. By the half-way point, pain, tingling and numbness would be streaming down my legs and it felt like a knife was sticking into my hip and foot. I could barely stand up, and then I would still have another 3 hours to drive. It was all because of the car seat.

I looked very hard for a solution everywhere online and in specialty stores – I would have paid anything. But all I found were pillows, cushions, and mesh supports that proved to be insufficient for allowing me to sit without pain.

They provided neither the specific support my back needed, nor the compensation for the less than ideal ergonomic design of my new car’s seat. I was always constantly trying to adjust them or add an extra towel in just the right spot to little avail. It was impossible to keep all the muscles in my core flexed to keep my back straight in all the places where I was getting too little or too much support. I was miserable, and likewise, sitting in my office chair wasn’t much better. As a high-tech inventor and design engineer, I knew I could solve this problem and invented the GetABack™.

The prototype worked great around San Diego, my pain was gone. Then, on the next trip to Phoenix, I got out of the car after the first three hours of driving and my back felt better than when I had started. And I still felt great after the next three hours. No stiffness and no pain after six hours of driving! It worked better than I could have ever hoped for.

I haven’t had any back pain from driving since April 2014! And I don’t have back pain from sitting in any chair or couch at home either. I take it with me when I travel too, this thing is just great. I’m amazed at how I’ve been able to get back to normal fun physical activities like golf and even a little skiing, now that sitting without proper support isn’t constantly aggravating pain in my body.

In addition to helping myself though, I have to say it’s personally rewarding to know how much my invention can truly improve the quality of so many other peoples’ lives. I’m looking forward to sharing GetABack™ with everyone who has back pain. I’m confident you will be pleased!

Inspired by back pain

Our founder and team know what it’s like to suffer from back pain having experienced serious car accidents and injury. Inspired by real back pain, GetABack™ aims to help people find long-term pain relief.

Designed for comfort

Unlike other back supports that are designed around a chair, we designed GetABack™ to fit with any chair so that you can sit comfortably anywhere – from home to work, and your favorite restaurant.

Built just for you

Since everyone is built differently, we created the GetABack™ with lightweight, adjustable spacers that are removable so that you can adjust them to the shape of your unique back’s curvature.

A better posture, 
a stronger back

We’re not just another back pillow.

The GetABack™ is not just another useless pillow for your back, but rather a complete spine support system that’s designed to fit your unique back’s curvature – for a better posture, and stronger back. 

Slouching and poor posture is easy, especially when you have a bad back (or sitting in a bad chair), which is why we designed the GetABack™ to fit with anychair – from desk chairs to car seats, sofas, and recliners. Unlike most back supports, our completely customizable spine system molds to the shape of your back, not the seat, so you have a fit that’s tailored to the curve of your own back – eliminating strain on your back, and therefore associated pain.

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Meet Our Founder


Scott Ellis

CEO & Founder
Scott is a former high-tech inventor and design engineer who after enduring two back surgeries and countless long commutes, created the GetABack™ to help people experience real back pain relief and better posture. Scott has designed and invented products and automated test systems in the Audio/Music, Medical Devices, Health, Computer, Automated Test Equipment(ATE), Computer and 3D Printing industries.

In addition, Scott’s company, PS Systems, which created memory expanders for digital samplers, supported dozens of incredibly talented artists as customers – from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce/Destiny’s Child to Nine Inch Nails to the Moody Blues to the live orchestra for Star Trek Next Generation.

Scott also consulted on a wide range of electronics and software projects, and was notably the Director of Engineering for Apricorn when they were the OEM designer and manufacturer of laptop memory expansion boards sold by both IBM and Toshiba.


I’m 82 and my daughter got a GetABack for me after she tried one and it’s great. I could tell a huge difference in support the first minute I tried it. I use it everywhere and even take it when we go to restaurants. Just about everyone I know has a bad back and they’re all getting one.

Hattie W.
I agreed to test Scott’s GetABack because he’s a friend and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m a software engineer and had been living in pain every day for 15 years. Now I have my life back. I have three GetABacks and can’t recommend it highly enough to people.

Amy T.
Software Engineer